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Village of Hope seeks to rescue and educate girls to create a lasting cultural change

Everyday, women and girls face these battles:

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Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Abuse

Young women and girls are commonly treated as commodities in rural Kenya. As a result, incidences of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse are all too frequent, and and often for the gratification of older men in the villages. These girls and women are plagued with a culture that normalizes such harm.

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VOH is situated in a county that has one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in all of Kenya. This poses a significant risk for many girls who are being forced into having unprotected sex. The cultural practices of wife inheritance, sexual abuse, and child brides contributes to the HIV/AIDS rates to exponential growth in this region.

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Child Brides

In our community, the majority of families live in poverty, struggling day to day. As a result, many parents give up their young daughters to early marriages in exchange for a dowry of cows, sheep, or goats.

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Wife Inheritance

A widow is often required to marry a male relative of her late husband, often his brother. Men seek to exploit women in these situations by remarrying the women with the primary goal of gaining access to the resources that were left by the late husband.

Village of Hope comes alongside women and girls to fight these battles together through:


A loving home for pregnant teenagers, young mothers, and at risk girls

Providing quality education for the most desperate girls and boys

Caring for the whole community through various projects, programs, and opportunities

VOH Girls Home
VOH Academy
Community Outreach
The Origins of VOH

The Origins of VOH

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