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How do I begin?

  • Below there are numerous children that are in need of sponsorship. Scroll right and left to view all the children.

  • Click on the child you would like to sponsor and you will be redirected to our donation page where you will enter in your payment information.

  • You will receive a confirmation email to welcome you into the Village of Hope family and mailing packet with more information within 7-10 days.

All donations are tax deductible and 100% of the funds we receive go to Village of Hope. If you have any questions, please visit the contact page.

Start Sponsoring TODAY for $40/month by clicking on a child below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the money going?

Through the Village of Hope child sponsorship program, you are connected with one specific child of your choosing, but your monthly contributions are pooled for maximum effectiveness. This means that instead of giving cash benefits to one child, you join forces with other sponsors to fund long-term Village of Hope development programs that benefit not only your sponsored child but other children in desperate need of overcoming poverty. While some organizations focus on only helping one individually sponsored child, we have learned that this can divide communities and slow progress. In rural Kenya, people are much more communal and less individualist than western cultures, so a community based model is more effective. However, sponsorship will benefit an individual child through an excellent education, health care, along with meals during their time at the school and rescue home.

How long should my child sponsorship last?

We hope that you will be able to continue your support of your sponsored child until he or she completes high school or college/vocational school. While we hope that this is the case for many of our sponsors, we understand that circumstances can change and so your sponsorship can be canceled at anytime. Your sponsor child will be placed back up for sponsorship when/if this occurs.

What if my child’s circumstances change?

We work with families who, oftentimes, face difficult situations. We strive to provide a safe environment for children to learn, grow and play, but sometimes situations change and children have to leave our programs. For example, the family has moved to another community or a widow has remarried and has to move. If your child leaves our sponsorship program, your sponsorship will be moved to a new child so that you can continue helping children in need. If you would prefer to sponsor a child other than the one we have chosen for you, you can email us a within 14 days. The child we had assigned to you will become eligible for sponsorship by someone else as generous and kind-hearted as you.

How can I send letters or gifts to my child?

Developing the relationship between a sponsor and a child is of utmost importance to Village of Hope. We greatly encourage you to write letters to your student and send photos of you and your family. You can email letters and pictures to We will print those letters and phots for your student and bring them to Kenya on our next trip. If you’d like to send something handwritten to your student, please send it to Village of Hope, PO Box 353, Corinth, NY, 12822. It is important for sponsors to note that in Kenya, it is culturally acceptable to ask for gifts from other people. While that is understandable, it is contrary to our goals in Kenya to create a generation of people dependent on the charity of westerners to survive. Long-term success in Kenya can only be achieved when Kenyans have the tools needed to provide for themselves and their society. For these reasons, we have instructed the students not to ask for specific gifts from their sponsors. Be assured that all of your sponsored student’s basic needs are being met and at a standard that far exceeds expectations for that area. We will constantly work to provide MORE items and opportunities to the students as Village of Hope grows.

Can I communicate directly with my sponsor child?

Social media has made our vast world accessible with a click of a button. Sponsored students often will try to ‘friend’ their sponsors on social media such as Facebook or Instagram. In order to maintain our integrity with both our sponsors and our sponsored students, we have a policy that a child will lose their sponsorship with continued contact through social media avenues.Relatives of the child or community members can sometimes try and exploit your sponsored student into asking for money so for their safety and yours, we ask that you participate in this and direct any contact with your sponsored student through Village of Hope. If a situation arises where there is a concern, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Still have questions?

Contact us via email:

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